Marty’s Place

“I’ve loved animals my whole life and it has always been my dream to someday have a place for older or handicapped dogs to live out the rest of there lives happy and Marty’s place is doing just that.” – Alfonso Molino

Marty’s Place Senior Dog Sanctuary® provides a safe, loving and protected environment for senior dogs that do not have homes. Our residents are older – age 7 or beyond – and receive the physical and emotional comfort, companionship and enrichment they need to thrive in their golden years. At Marty’s Place, they find a home for life.

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American Cancer Society

Recently breast cancer has hit me close to home and I feel the need to get behind this
-Alfonso Molino

The American Cancer Society helps people with breast cancer in every community. We’re working tirelessly to find new drugs and treatments as well as new ways to use existing treatments. Our research program has played a role in many of the prevention, screening, and treatment advances that save lives from breast cancer today. And, we continue to fund research to help save even more lives in the future.
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