Italian Seafood Dishes That Make Your Mouth Water

Italian Seafood Dishes That Make Your Mouth Water

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For a relatively small country, Italy has over 5,000 miles of coastline. Since the sea is never too far for most Italians, it’s easy to see why the frutti di mare (fruits of the sea) have held great importance in Italian cuisine. Molinos Italian Kitchen is known as the best seafood restaurant NJ residents dine at for anyone looking for the freshest fish dishes, seafood pasta and more.


What Makes a Seafood Restaurant NJ’s Favorite?


While there are many characteristics that make a seafood restaurant a favorite in the eyes of New Jersey residents, let’s highlight three of the top reasons people keep coming back. 


A Wide Variety of Italian Seafood Dishes


Italians love seafood. If you’re from an Italian family or have friends who are, chances are you know all about what happens on Christmas Eve in an Italian household. The Feast of the Seven Fishes features seven courses of delicious seafood dishes, with the choices of fish varying depending on the chef’s choosing. A reputable restaurant will offer a wide variety of seafood dishes as well, from shrimp and different kinds of seafood pasta to salmon, mussels and the much-loved calamari.


Fresh, Wild-Caught Fish


Molinos happens to be the best shrimp Italian seafood restaurant because we source only the freshest, meatiest shrimp for our dishes. All of our seafood is wild caught, as opposed to other seafood restaurant NJ chains that offer cultivated and artificially processed fish. It’s healthy and noticeably more delicious. We also offer all of our seafood pasta dishes and appetizers on our extensive catering menu, so if you’re looking to make your Feast of the Seven Fishes a little easier on your kitchen, just call us!


Healthy Choices with All the Flavor


You probably know that eating fresh fish is a healthy choice. Dishes like spaghetti with mussels are a surefire way to ensure you and your loved ones are getting your daily supply of proteins and minerals. At Molino’s, the top shrimp Italian seafood restaurant NJ residents have come to love, our seafood pasta dishes, appetizers and entrees are good enough to crave. The secret lies in simplicity – using fewer fresh ingredients, and cooking them thoughtfully by hand with attention to detail. It’s a recipe that packs great flavor into a healthy meal every time.


If you’re craving Italian seafood dishes, don’t settle for a chain restaurant or one that offers a lesser-quality product. Indulge your taste buds at the best seafood restaurant, NJ’s Molino’s Italian Kitchen, today.